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OK, you've got your login and are ready to begin transcribing.

TIP: You can find out which documents do not have transcriptions already associated by going to 'Advanced Search', selecting 'Scripto Transcription' in 'Narrow by Specific Fields' and 'is empty' beneath that, then pressing the 'Search' button. There are two fields that say 'transcription'. Make sure you are using the Scripto Transcription (last field on the drop-down menu). You can also find which documents have not been transcribed in a particular collection by narrowing other parameters.

IMPORTANT: in order for the above tip to work, step 11 below must be followed. That is, the typed transcription must be imported into Omeka. Always remember to press the IMPORT DOCUMENT button above the image window _after_ saving your work with the EDIT TRANSCRIPTION button. The first saves the transcription to MediaWiki, the second, to Omeka. All current searches are conducted through Omeka.

If you go to transcribe a seemingly untranscribed document but find text there, it means someone forgot to import their transcription. In such a case, please make sure the text is correct, then press the IMPORT DOCUMENT button.

Basic steps for Transcription:

  1. Click on BROWSE COLLECTION at left.
  2. Choose VIEW ITEMS in either Letters or Field Notes.
  3. Page through and select one of the documents there.
  4. Page down and you will see TRANSCRIBE THIS ITEM. Click on the filename beneath that phrase.
  5. You will now see a zoom window with the scanned image of the text. If you are not logged in to Scripto already, you must do so to proceed. There is a link titled LOGIN TO SCRIPTO above the zoom window. Click here, enter your login and password.
  6. Beneath the zoom window is the text CURRENT PAGE TRANSCRIPTION and links titled EDIT, and HISTORY. If a transcription has already been entered for the image, text will appear below this, you will want to select a different file if the transcription is complete. Click EDIT to work on the transcription or create one if it does not already exist.
  7. A text box will appear. Type in the text as you see it in the image. When you are ready to save your work, press the EDIT TRANSCRIPTION button below the text window.
  8. You may also want to enter information in the DISCUSSION area to let others know you are working on the document or that you are having trouble with it. Click SHOW DISCUSSION above the text window.
  9. Type in any information you think will be helpful to editors or users of the info (where you have had trouble, or things that you think should be fixed with the document or transcription).
  10. Press the EDIT DISCUSSION button to save the comments.
  11. Click IMPORT DOCUMENT above the zoom window. This will make the transcription searchable in Omeka.
  12. Repeat the steps for another document. Note that Previous Page and Next Page will not function because these are single page scans, thus the process of selection must begin again if you wish to move to another item. We will try to link documents that clearly go together as the transcriptions are created.

Thanks for your participation in our project!