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Known Problems

February 2015: The site remains stable but slow. We are discussing with University College London the possibility of moving to their system, but it may still be some time before that might happen.

March 2014: The new design interface is nearing completion but we still tend to have some Scripto problems due to low processing memory on the server. The Scripto error on login most often occurs when the mediawiki database is called to show all of a transcriber's activities. This happens through the Scripto tab on the front page, so it is best not to login on that page, but on the individual document page instead. Go to the page you wish to transcribe and if you are not logged in, you can still do so at the top of that page.

In mid to late October 2013 we experienced troubles with the connection between Scripto's Mediawiki and the Omeka database. Those troubles have been cleared up by upgrading the versions of all programs involved and hopefully it means they will not occur again. Meanwhile, we are working on an even better design interface to the site overall. Watch the News page for details.

The main problem encountered in testing was server speed. This is a shared server and demand from other areas will at times make our access time slow, even resulting in Omeka errors. Even though our project is funded, the crowdsource arm is an experiment using private funds, so a dedicated server cannot be purchased. If the site works well, there may be additional funding, but for now, please bear with any time lags in presenting images. Most of the time during testing, image presentation was very fast and stable.

There are a number of difficulties in markup, particularly on the field note cards themselves. At times the pencil used in originally writing was light and the graph paper background does not help since the pencil line blurs into the gridlines. There is frequent use of odd terms as well. When you can't make out a word, don't fret. Put an approximation or even just a question mark in brackets and others will eventually help you out. You may even find as you read through the whole transcription that the word becomes clearer after knowing the context. This effort is much like archaeology itself: knowing the surrounding items helps in identification.

In most cases, placement of text on the page is not a concern. A portion that was typed to the right can be typed at the left (tabs can't be used and multiple spaces cause wiki to change the font). In accounting texts, however, placement of the text on the page is important, since sums are created of numbers that sit one below another. In this case, spaces can be used to place the text, but the entire section that places text in this way must begin with the tag <pre> and end with the tag </pre> in order to stop the wiki formating recognizing the spaces in the wrong way.

See the Transcription Guidelines page for further tips and unification of effort guides. If you have other problems to report, email me or if it has to do with individual files, put a note on the discussion page for that transcription.

Thanks again to everyone.