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Excavation Areas

This is a list of the abbreviations Woolley created for the different regions of the site he excavated. The site grid was established late and generally  not in play during excavation. Instead, Woolley dug trenches in areas he felt were of importance, beginning with long trial trenches, then expanding where he felt necessary. He generally gave two-letter abbreviations to the different regions, though sometimes it ran up to four letters. His field notes tend to have one of these abbreviations at the top corner, either left or right, and knowing the letters may be of assistance to transcribers. They will form the basis of metadata tags as well:


AH    (Abraham's Housing) The large residential quarter SE of the Temenos
AHG    Grave in the AH site
BC    The mausolea of Shulgi and Amar-Suen
CLW    The NE city wall, central section
DP    (Dungi Palace) E-hur-sag
EH    (E-hur-sag) Area in S corner of the Temenos
EM    (extra-mural) The house site on the SW side of the Temenos
ES    Dub-lal-mah site
HD    (Hall's Dump) area east of PD
   (Hall's Temple) e-hur-sag
    Kassite Grave
KP    (Kings Palace) Gi-par-ku (Giparu) site
KPS    (Kings Palace South) SE prolongation of the Gipar-ku site
KW    Area outside the city wall, northern end
LG    Larsa Grave
LL    Dublal-mah site
LW    Wall of the inner city
PG    Private Grave (also general area of the Royal cemetery)
RC    Royal Cemetery
NE    The northeast part of Nebuchadnezzar's Fort in the western angle of the Temenos
NH    Neo-Babylonian houses near AH
NCF    Built-up site between the northwest wall of ZT and the temenos wall
NNCF    Nebuchadnezzar North Corner Fort at north corner of Temenos
NT    Site of Nin-giz-zida and Nin-ezen temple on city wall
NTB    Area just inside the city, behind Nin-Ezen temple
PD    Great courtyard of Nanna/Sin in front of the Ziggurat Terrace
PFT    Deep trench sunk to virgin soil (Flood Pit)
PIG    Second shaft sunk near PFT
PJ    Extension of the Royal Cemetery area
SF    Southeast part of the Gipar-ku site
SIS    Seal Impression Strata (mainly in PG area)
SM    South Temenos
TTA    Trial trench A
TTB    Trial trench B, E-nun-mah site
TTC    Trial trench C, south of Giparu
Trial trench D, royal cemetery area
    Trial trench E, royal cemetery area
TTF    Trial trench F, royal cemetery area
Trial trench G, royal cemetery area
    Temenos Wall
XNCF    The building range on the northwest wall of the Temenos
XNNCF, YNNCF    NeoBabylonian cemeteries in area of NNCF
Y, YC, Z    House site ouside the northwest wall of the Temenos, prolongation of XNCF
ZT    Ziggurat Terrace